Tell your story through video.
  • Lifestyle Video

    Schneider Family "Sobbing!! Love it SO very much!!! What a gift that you have and gift that this video is to our family!" ~ Landon

  • Promo Video - Lifestyle coach

    "Working with Katie was literally a dream come true. Katie was able to capture my story perfectly from start to finish." Brittney

  • Promo Video - Studio

    Do you know what "millinery" is? I confess that I didn't before embarking on this project. Enjoy a glimpse into the world of a hat making studio!

  • Promo Video - Shopping Complex

    With so much to offer its visitors, this video captures what it is like to experience The Corners of Brookfield.

  • Livestyle Video - Military Homecoming

    "We will treasure this moment forever. Thank you for being here to capture our family's reunion as Eric returned home!" Shara

  • Promo Video - Wildtree

    I absolutely love working with other women business owners! Rebecca is a rock star and I loved helping her share her story about the Wildtree products and business opportunities

  • Promo Video - Wedding Photographer

    As a photographer myself, it was so much fun capturing the story of another business owner, and making her passion, personality and talent shine.

  • Promo Video - Boutique

    A peek inside Scout & Molly's, the newest boutique in town and where you feel like you're shopping in your best friend's closet

  • Promo Video - Marketing team

    After referring their clients to me for the past 6 months, I was thrilled to finally be able to do a video for this dynamic due marketing team!

  • Promo Video - Chocolatier

    Enjoy a behind the scenes view of the decadence poured into all of Fazio's artisan creations

  • Promo Video - Sports Complex

    If you thought the Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex in Brookfield was just for soccer, think again! Oh, and watch this video to catch all the action of this 80,000 indoor sq. ft. facility.

  • Promo Video - Non-profit

    I was honored to be involved with this non-profit, Good Friend Inc. to help celebrate their 10 year anniversary of teaching acceptance in schools.

  • Promo Video - Consultant

    For Monica at SiFer Consulting, we actually made a series of three videos for her brand new website. We wanted to walk through the entire consultant process and share all the services she offers. This first video explains what happens when she first sits down with a new Salesforce client.

  • Promo Video - Tech Support

    The team at TBG Networks was amazing to work with. Who knew making a video about computers would be so much fun!

  • Promo Video - Birth Center

    "Oh Katie!!!! We love the video! It's perfect! Thank you so much for working with us. It was truly a pleasure!" - Amy

  • Promo Video - Jewelry

    "Katie understood my vision, added her own creative ideas and the final video turned out better than I could have imagined!" Pam